T&S Associates, Iranian Law Offices

The oldest prominent international law firm in Iran, T&S was established in the early 1960s when its founding partners started the firm as an unincorporated professional association by the name of Ghani & Tavakoli. After the 1979 Revolution, the firm’s name changed to Tavakoli & Shahabi. In 2013, the firm was registered under the style of T&S Associates following the demise of one of its founding partners, Dr Mehran Tavakoli, and the retirement of the other name partner.

Over the years, T&S has developed long-standing and close professional relations with law and auditing firms of highest repute in the major business and financial centers around the world. The firm’s clientele portfolio continues to include the most prominent international and multinational banking, corporate and other concerns from around the globe doing business in or with Iran.

Over the past four decades, the Iranian legal and business environment has undergone very substantial changes; over the past three decades, such changes have become a constant that the business community and the legal profession have had to accommodate.

The firm has made it a point to keep fully abreast of these rapid developments throughout the past years and at times very difficult periods without jeopardizing our uncompromising commitment to safeguarding the interests of our clients, to the quality of legal work we provide, to the promptness in attending to the needs of our clients, and to competent counseling.

These principles have allowed us to build and consolidate the firm’s reputation as the oldest and one of the very few remaining well-established and prominent Iranian law firms specializing, and providing superior legal services and assistance, in transnational business matters. As in the past, commitment, competence, superior quality and promptness will continue to remain the hallmarks of our performance for the challenging times ahead.

The firm practices law in the English and Persian languages, comprises fee earners fluent in at least two languages with members educated and trained in various jurisdictions, having worked in a number of countries and familiar with different legal systems.